S3 Downloader

S3 Downloader 1.23

Restricted content website solution for Amazon Web service users

Amazon S3 Downloader allows Amazon Web Services users to conceal certain password-protected file URLs from being seen by non-paying members.

The program accomplishes this by changing links to restricted files to make them appear to originate from your website and not from the AWS servers.

If a member shares the link generated by Amazon S3 Downloader, it will only show an error message, which tells the user how to get access to that file, leading them to your web page.

Amazon S3 Downloader works with multiple file formats, such as . exe, . avi, . mp3, . pdf, . swf, . zip, . mov, . html, . flv, . mpg, . mpeg, . rar, . txt, .

wav, . wma, . wmv and . asf, and allows you to use its script on multiple websites. Other features include a wizard to create a unique and encrypted script and the ability to display streaming media files without a dialog box.

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S3 Downloader


S3 Downloader 1.23

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